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53 and 47

Greetings and Salutations,

This was crazy! At least for me. My track record has not been good in this particular field, although there are some things that I have made a success and others according to my remaining lifespan will never allow me to achieve.  Unless there is some miracle discovery in an anti-aging remedy. In fact, change that to a longevity potion, as there are lots of anti-aging remedies on the market, but nothing that will effectively make or allow you to live longer. In a nutshell the eternal human dream.

So back in the Park. During September and October I had many requests and Safari's to this neck of the woods. I am particularly fond of this area in spring and relish every opportunity to head for this cameo game reserve. Also the vast area of burnt grass allowed for good sightings. But the 53 and 47 had nothing to do with animals on this safari. Neither sport. Two couples that I had on my vehicle had collectively been married for 100 years! Sheesh I thought what a feat of patience and a monument to the institution of marriage.

Thinking about my age that is more than 42' it would take a mammoth effort to find the illustrious fountain of youth and drink exhaustively from this mythical source of water to ensure I could live to a ripe old age, then to be able to find a suitable partner, get married and stay married for a hundred years. Only in my dreams. Okay I should be realistic, maybe 50 years. Even that target, I would be close to a hundred - statistically impossible - only in theory or dreams, movies or cartoons.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

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