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68 + 1

Greetings and Salutations,
It never surprises me that we often associate certain daily symbols or words with a certain item or idea. Even people are linked to these items. But this all started in a strange way. Out in the reserve the other day on a regular spring morning I was doing what I always do. I count the number of rhinos as we pass them or use a pair of binoculars to verify a certain rhino or two. The morning was busy as we had entered the Corridor section between Umfolozi and Hluhluwe. In early September '11 this section of the Park had been burnt. A good thing to do. Helps with maintaining the health of the grassland and removing the ticks and parasites that build up during the season and in the absence of fire.
By breakfast we had counted 32, by lunch time we were about to pass the second best tally of 67, although a long way off from 87, that was the best number ever. Rhino sightings are ridiculously good in early spring after a good burn has passed through an area. So the counting ticked over nicely with loads and loads of rhino. At breakfast we counted another four and a pack of Camels. Whenever anyone mentions camels in a game reserve I think of cigarettes. At breakfast there was a cigarette box on the ground and after serving breakfast I decided to dispose of it. But lo and behold one of the smoking guests grabbed the box only to discover it was virtually full. So he was delighted and I mentioned that a number of years ago I had jumped out of a vehicle to remove what I assumed was a plastic bag only to discover it was Africa's largest mushroom! So picking up or attempting to pick up litter can be productive.
Anyway back to the 68+1, at lunch we discover one black rhino, this made the +1. The 68 were white rhino. And 69 was Lance Kluseners cricketing number. At lunch a German Guy asked me if tip was the same as suggestion and I said "good enough" but also tip of money, tip of the iceberg and a couple of other terms as well. however this was not the end. the end was 68+1 + 5. this gave us rather totally tally for the day that included lions, some that walked along the river while we viewed them from the picnic sight. Elephant at the  end. The leopard is on ice.
Hasta La Vista,
The Knaith Wrydah
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