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A bumper night

Greetings and salutations,

Some nights are just too full to be filled with anything more. Even though there is more to be looked at. This happened on Saturday 29 Sept 12. The best aspect of this tour was that I was with a group of photographers and they giggled away. Now giggling in this sense has nothing to do with abdominal muscles, but everything to do with gigabytes of digital data.

The first section of our trip was on the old airstrip. This section of the park was burnt about 3months ago. Currently it is loaded with game. A phenomenon I have termed the Noah effect! It is when hundreds if animals gather on these burnt areas because of the fresh grass. There were reedbuck, red and common duiker, impala, bushbuck,water buck, a genet, and zebra. Just amazing. As we thought we had seen it all a freshly 20 minutes wobbly zebra foal appeared. Barely able to walk, it wobbled it's way around it's mother. It was still wet! By the time we left, the mom had chased off a couple of other intruding zebra and the foal was gaining strength.

Not far into the Park, two rhino that were virtually sleeping on the road, block our way. Now i am always nervous about the safety of our rhino, thankfully these rhinos moved off the road and over a ridge. At least out of the sight of any passing vehicles. Barely 100m from the rhino a young hyena was sniffing. I think we as humans sleep a lot, but I would guess that the average hyena spends more time sniffing than humans spend sleeping. Sheesh and we were barely 2 km from the Cape Vidal gate!

A little more zigzagging through the Park, loads of frogs serenaded our journey right up to hot chocolate time. After our beverage, a few lazy hippo still in the water on vlei loop, we headed south back to St. Lucia. But at our hot beverage break one of the guests asked for the most elusive member of the big five, 500m after our hot beverage break a large leopard bounded across the road and into thick bush. Did a Bin Laden on us, this leopard did. Very shy. Nice, very nice. We saw bush babies and a couple of other animals. At this point no one was interested! We all had reached animal saturation. I think some of the remaining animals were a little surprised at the fact that they were ignored. So be it, what a night - a good night!

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

Posted by Kian Barker


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