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A cat and dead rat 30

A cat and dead rat 30 June 2016


I have always maintained that part of any safari, or a big component of any safari is the 'hunt'. The hunt in this case is searching in and around every single bush, ridge and rock, for anything of zoological and not so zoological. Although the fiercer and spottier the animal is, the higher the safari value. But to really get into the psyche of a safari there has to be some hunting. Although there are certain concessions.


Couple of nights again we had just entered the iSimangaliso Park, turned around the first corner and smack bang in front of us was a leopard that had just caught a porcupine! We never even had a chance to check the road for leopard or hyena tracks, listen for sounds or even observe nervous animal behaviour. There was no safari foreplay. Just this most amazing leopard carrying a freshly caught porcupine!  Luckily she was relaxed and we spent a little time with her, until she slinked off into the thick dark bush. 'huh' such a moment is remarkable, leaves one a little 'took my breath away' feeling. The good thing is this leopard sighting lasted till the end of the night safari!


Hasta la vista


The Knait Whrydah

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