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Aardvark family

Greetings and Salutations,

One thing is for certain the more time spend out at night increases the probability of rare and unusual sightings. One recent even not even a week ago produced an aardvark, but a little one, maybe 5kgs. Aardvark are difficult when it comes to estimating there size because of their weird shape and the fact they are scare. So give or take a couple of kgs on this burrowing ant eater!

Eating ants with a long sticky tongue must be like eating a sandwich filled with beach sand, either of which has any gourmet appeal. Not even tomato or sweet chilly sauce to accompany this ant engulf process. I have always thought eating pronutro without milk was bad enough, but this would certainly take the cake, tart and biscuits. And about aardvark, on the Eastern Shores it is a rare sighting, a couple of times a year. But barely 400m this was around two corners we happened upon mom or a large adult aardvark. I felt like a cliche was in the offing! Two in one light or night?

The rest of the trip was great as per normal, although certain guests may have got a little tired of hearing about our incredible luck!

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