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Greetings and salutations,

Strange that a chicken can bring out stories or situations that have affected other people's lives in small and big ways. I suppose if Antonnete had not adopted Hornbill House I would not have had a story. It also relates to a particular thing. If it had a huge ww2 tank parked outside Hornbill house there would be a whole host of stories to tell about guests telling their life accounts about tanks and tank related incidents. But chickens and guests, well a little off the wall and quite different to man made stuff.

Generally in the evening I am somewhere around in my BnB, I use this opportunity to welcome guests back from there day out, or ready to check-in guests. Two of my guests they were staying in room 1, arrived back from Cape Vidal. And we were discussing their sightings and a little of the ecology. While in the doorway Antonnete arrived. She arrived to take the passage to my verandah, as it is too far for her to fly up to my verandah. But she has manners, rather than barging past me, she waits patiently until whoever is standing in the doorway to move out of the way so she can head off to roost. Obviously having a hen at the doorway is a bit of a conversational piece. So I gave these guests the full run down on Antonnete's life history. This involved the beach, Croc Center and finally Hornbill BnB. After pleasantries we headed off in different directions for dinner.

In the morning I met these guests at the breakfast area, after topping up on intravenous caffeine, they asked me how Antonnete was and I said she was fine. But this morning she had been waiting at my verandah door rather than flying down. So I had carried her out into the garden to grub and worm. Well, once these guests were satisfied that Antonnete was settled for the day, the husbands' wife said as a child she had been responsible for a coup of hens. Each morning and afternoon she would have to tend to them. But there was one challenge that she faced everyday. They did not have a rooster and first thing in the morning the hen's would head down the road to where a handsome rooster lived and spend the day with the rooster and his other hens. In the evening she would have to go down the road to fetch her hen's by carefully sorting through the correct hen's then herd them home.

Well I said Antonnete did a very same thing, although at the time I thought it was unique and now I realize how social these birds are. Her forays involved heading up the road to herd four hen's back to our yard for a little company. Currently Antonnete is a little lonely because these other hen's are sitting on eggs and she is stuck for company. At the moment she is sitting next to me at lunch time, once she has her full of company, she heads out into the garden to grub and worm.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah
Posted by Kian Barker

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