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Are The Cookers In St Lucia?

Greetings and salutations,

Over the years I have fielded some interesting questions. Too numerous to mention here. Sometimes the question can be a reasonable question, in other instances the meaning can be lost in an accent or just in the way the question is posed. Recently I was asked a rather strange question at breakfast. On most of our Big Five tours, we stop in the Umfolosi Park for pastrami and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Last week some of the guests requested a hot breakfast of bacon and eggs. No worries I had done these before, but many years ago. A little scratching around in my kitchen produced the right amount of cutlery, crockery and hot breakfast ingredients.

After an early started loaded with lions, wild dog, rhino, buffalo and leopard the previous night, we arrived for breakfast on the Hluhluwe River. A beautiful picnic site that is a natural amphitheater. Out came the pastrami and cheese sandwiches, coffee, tea, yogurt, fruit and rusks. While my guests were noshing away on this, I fired up the gas cooker to get bacon and eggs on the fry. Then one of my regular customers with a sandwich in hand, walked back from admiring the scenery and asked me if the "cookers were in St. Lucia?" This stopped me dead in my culinary tracks. The "cookers in St. Lucia?"!!! Since I was cooking I immediately wondered what he was going on about. What culinary event was taking place in St. Lucia that I was not aware of, had a thousand meat laden braai specialists sneaked into St.Lucia to light up fires and smoke out the residents. But this could not be true. I asked again and then discovered this was a seasonal and situational question. What he meant to ask was, or what I was meant to hear was "are the cuckoos in St. Lucia yet?". Breakfast was most enjoyable after that was clarified.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah in the early morning.

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