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Cherry On Top

Greetings and salutations,

Sometimes and only sometimes you get a gift that is worth more than it's intrinsic value. I suppose if this type of thing happened all the time we would need greater rewards. When it comes to this culinary saying then there can be a further meaning in the series of events that resulted in the "cherry being placed on top". Obviously in this case the cherry was never consumed as it was in an inedible form at the time. However, other sayings would be possible like "the final piece of the puzzle" or "in the nick of time".

Any safari or Eco-tourist has a wish list and although some will profess to the fact that they are not necessarily interested in the Big Five, secretly they all are! As I have always said that there is one thing better than a leopard and that is two. In early August I had a couple that were on a big five hunt and nine times out of ten guests arrive in St. Lucia having bagged four out of the Big Five. These guests had been staying in  St. Lucia for a couple of days and they had bagged everything except a buffalo. When they mentioned this I gave them a bit of a quizzical look and wondered what the hell the other tour operators had been doing. Although I have had days when buffalo all but disappear!

This lack of buffalo was mentioned to me as we passed through the Cape Vidal Gate. I calculated that I would be able to guess to the minute, how soon we would be seeing buffalo and "placing the cherry on top" the reason being - that a section of grass had been burnt just inside the main park and several large Dagga Boy buffalo had settled onto this grass. Every night for the past week we had viewed these muddy beasts. Tonight I knew they would be more than special, because these old fellows would make someone really happy as they completed their Big Five. When the first of the buffalo appeared in the spotlight we high fived and the cherry was placed in the right position.

Hasta la vista

 The Knait Whrydah

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