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Costumes, cozzies and bathing suits!

Greetings and Salutations

Sometimes and rarely you start a tour laughing, uncontrolled laughter. You just cannot get a grip on yourself and get serious. It happened the other night. This particular mirth related to a difference in terminology. It was a South African thing. Although our English is derived from England, some colloquialisms have crept into our language and phrases. These little nuances can be amusing, in this case it escalated into a serious belly, stress relieving laugh, one of those just give-up on being straight faced. I tried and it did not work after one of my guests started laughing. When he explained his mirth, my imagination fled like an impala being chased by a cheetah!

I have always believed that any tour should be preceded by a thorough introduction on the area with a historical and future perspective. This is what initiated the mirth, as during the intro, one of my guests, a gent by the name of Rob asked about Cape Vidal and I said remember to take your costumes. In South Africanese a custom in this instance is a bathing suit. A useful item of clothing for Cape Vidal. But I clarified it by saying not a Micky mouse costume or any other sort of apparel relating to Disneyland or the Renaissance. At this moment Rob burst out laughing, adding that it would be very amusing to see Micky mouse snorkeling at Cape Vidal! This made matters worse at I imagined Marie Antoinette hopping into snorkel at Vidal in a giant period dress. 'order, order!' order took a while to be restored. Once we finally giggled our way through the intro, we enjoyed a very light hearted tour.

Sightings were mainly obscured by heavy mist after nearly 50mm of rainfall. But a reasonable leopard sighting, bumper sniffing buffalo and good general game when the mist lifted certainly made a success of this humorous tour. A good tour and happy people went to bed.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

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