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De Aar

January 2008 Turtles

Greetings and Salutations,

There are a couple of interesting places in South Africa, where there is intense animal activity. As far as humans are concerned - there are a lot of places where is there very intense human activity, time to keep this straight and simple. So when I think of places where flocks of birds gather, shoals of fish migrate, river crossings for migrating animals and rookeries. Bird nesting areas as well as turtle nesting areas are called rookeries. Strangely there is one particular area that reminds me of De Aar, which is an area of high human activity. For the train spotters this is an amazing area. Every shape and size of train, coach, diesel electric, electric, steam and guard coach has passed through this area. Well, still I have been harping on about turtle tours, there is a place we shall be visiting that is like the De Aar for turtles.

Yes, when you get to this location after a couple of windless days, it looks like De Aar. No, there are not all sorts of train parts scattered in a half buried state all over the beach, in fact the converse! There are dozens of turtle tracks meandering and criss-crossing the beach, between the shoreline and the heel of the sand dunes. A rather unusual piece of beach where nightly upto 20 turtles emerge to lay their eggs and then return to the sea, all under the cover of darkness.  So like I said an area of high animal activity. So for those that are willing and able, keen for a little adventure there is a tour departing at 13h00. There is a guarantee, that is turtles. Trip is two days and does include a visit to Tembe. Those that want a little more hands-on, No! you will not be tasked to make turtle soup! But If you have a 4x4, this will be one occasion you can tag along and enjoy this spectacle.

Hasta la vista,


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