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Down the Road

Greetings and Salutations,

Recently a trip with group of Russians and Checs turned up a different comment on dung beetle biology. This particular Umfolozi day turned out to be particularly hot, rain threatened, then dissipated several times. After breakfast we headed down towards the Seme loop and the prospect of rain had brought out the dung beetles in large numbers, their numbers seemed to relate to the size of the dung balls they were balling and shoveling across the landscape, especially along our same traffic tracks. The usual barrage of question and info about larvae and environmental benefits were garnished with suitable answers or so I thought. After the third tennis ball sized dung ball that seemed to have a mind of it's own lumbered across the road, the eastern Europeans noticed that there were in fact two beetles involved with each dung ball, one was furiously trying to control the direction and speed of a mountain of dung, while the other clung, cool as a cat to the truant dung ball. So the Chec says, 'the one is working hard, the other be Russian!' needless to say it was impossible to add a comment, but only a chuckle.

Hasta la vista


The Knait Wrhydah on day shift.

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