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Eco-bling bling titanium tipped toes.

Greetings and Salutations,
 "If you go down to the beach today, you are in for a toe surprise." Yes that's right, walk barefoot on our iSimangaliso beaches and you will end up with delicately "salt and pepper" dusted toes and even the soles of your feet. 'Nope, not oil'  I oft repeat. Adding that whoever makes the observation that there is oil on our beaches, I make them realise this is
incorrect. Our St. Lucia beaches, and in fact a good portion of our coast line, has rich deposits of titanium, zircon, ilmenite and pig iron. Good quantities of these and other chemicals. Unique mineral bonanza, and by losing your toes in the sand, these latent chemicals gently cling and hug your toes and feet when you leave the beach.
You leave the beach with feet adorned with ancient volcanic minerals transported from afar. On close inspection, the glittering dark designs are totally eco-friendly. Few realize the value of these elements. St. Lucia may well be the only World Heritage site where you can get Eco-bling-bling toes when walking upon our pristine beaches, beaches that stretch from St. Lucia to our Mocambique border. Definitely a to do. A great thing to do that is totally Eco-friendly.
Actually this may have never been, had it not been for SLAG - St. Lucia Action Group, established to contest sand dune mining in this area. A bad name only for the previous apartheid government, but not for the then victorious South
African public. Possibly a rare case when a public petition actually worked. At the end of the petition signing, more than 1.5 million citizens had saved our iSimangaliso mineral beaches, then St. Lucia. Beaches that would remain unscathed by sand mining. A devastating process that would have reduced our dunes to zero. The natural forest would have been stripped and the whole dune pumped through a massive industrial dredger. Still, until today, we have the Eco-pleasure of these magnificent sand dunes, the highest in Africa. So if you go down to the beach today, you are in for a pleasurable sand surprise.... and pat yourself on the back because public opinion and action did it! Your titanium tipped toes show it!
Hasta la vista
The Knait Whrydah on the beach
Posted by Kian Barker


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