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Eye Level Buffalo

Greetings and Salutations,

Every night safari is different and sometimes we hope to see the same thing the same way because it was a good sighting. An animal sighting can take any form, but we tend to emphasize the really good ones and ignore marginal or weak sightings. I suppose our good photos get us talking about the great stuff we saw and although most of the stuff we see is not necessarily good, we will seldom if ever talk about it, unless it is in passing comment and goes along the lines of "we saw a giraffe, but not very well".

Our sightings or at least collectively my sightings were remarkable in the sense of consistent buffalo sightings, in fact for the past almost week the buffalo have almost been in the same location doing the same thing. Not far into iSimangaliso the road has an embankment down the one side. This is after the cattle crossing yet before the Pan loop. It is along this stretch of verdant and recently burnt grass that the local hundred or so buffalo have been feeding on. However seeing these buffalo in this particular area means that they are at eye level. Strange but true. This is because the embankment places the buffalo about two meters above the road. Even feeling fairly safe in a Unimog, one feels a little cautious, because at eye level, I feel they could just jump across into our vehicle. So far so good and I have a policy of 'no pay no stay', so I would be forced to ask the buffalo to leave, if they did manage to board our vehicle.

Good stuff and these good sightings are expected to go on for a while as this herd seems very satisfied with all the good grass. So if you are thinking of a little nocturnal activity, give us a call and have a chat or make a reservation. It is all happening on the Eastern Shores.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

Posted by Kian Barker

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