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Good Night!

Greetings and Salutations,

Generally when you are offered the salutation of "good night", it implies the future. Basically that you are about to wander off and find a bed to put your head down. Alternatively you are about to head straight to your bed and put your head down, without any need to wander about looking for a place to rest your wary head. Sleep is good. However, this scribbling has little to do with sleep and more to do with being awake. The awakeness is also related to a series of events that culminated in a "good night".

So it was impossible to anticipate a "good night", or hoping to have a good night, as few can predict what happens on a Shakabarker night safari. Most people not on the night tour, would generally be having or should be having a good night, while us, out in the bush, were having a culmination of a series of interesting and remarkable events to make a good night. Then when we returned from our good night, those that participated in the safari would be able to go off and get a good night ..... Of sleep. Two "good nights" in one evening.

So how was this all possible. Some nights on the #Eastern Shores are just perfect. All the animals are just at a critical distance from our passing vehicle. Co-incidental timing or Zen timing. And what was this trip all about, just about everything big, small and distant. Stars were perfect, chameleons were plentiful and all the big mammals were at a convenient distance, from our vehicle or on the road. On our departure there were hippo in the quiet hamlet of St. Lucia, once in the Park, a huge herd of bachelor buffalo, 15 in total. A sound of seven bush pig, hunting hyena and a nonchalant black rhino. This all interspersed by loads of general game and nocturnal birds. One of those nights that it was impossible to swing a cat without hitting something that goes bump and squeak during a "good night".

So that is a good night. Sometimes a good evening too!

Hasta la vista!

The Knait Whrydah.

Posted by Kian Barker


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