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July Rainfall

Greetings and Salutations,

There are some crazy people out there. I always heard about "the mad dogs and English men that go out in the midday sun!" Well South Africans are madder. Last couple of nights we have been out in this tempestuous weather. Crazy wind and rain. Animals were taking a bit of a beating. Buffalo with their backs to the wind, waterbuck lying low and every second wilddate palm had a bushbuck on the leeward side taking cover from the wind and rain. As for the hippo, my guess is that they have a "what the hell!" attitude. With 10cms of fat nothing seems to bother them in this weather, except for their gastronomic craving to have a grass filled gut. I suppose being out on a rainy, cold night is a lot better than being sunk to eye level in frigid lake water. So night drives as per usual. If the rain bothers you, just wind up your window. Oh yes, while I remember our closed vehicle has heating, and so is the effect of the hot chocolate.

Now for the past three years of July rainfall. July is not over and I cannot resist being 'an early bird' on this one.

2009 - July - 22mm
2010 - July - 47mm
2011 - July - 197mm! (until 8am - 26 July)

Remember it is possible that rainfall varies in and around St. Lucia Village. I have compared these figures to other pluviometer (rain gauge) readers. You will find a small variation of about 10% in and around the immediate St. Lucia area. So you can assume there is a fair level of accuracy*. Repeat after me "there is no drought, there is no drought!" Let us not forget that January recorded 560mm of rainfall!

Hasta la vista

The wet Knait Wrydah

* Remember the famous saying about statistics "there are lies, damned lies and then statistics!"

Posted by Kian Barker


Re: July Rainfall

Posted by Francois Els, Johannesburg on

Incredible patterns, Kian. If we continue to evolve like the scientists say we are, one of these days our kids are going to be born with flippers!!

On our farm in Namibia, we had over 1000mm this last season, with the ave annual being around 150!!

Love your blog!! Keep it up.

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