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Lone donkey in pajamas

Imagine a double track winding through a verdant grassland. A simple track passing over shallow dunes, undulating like a frozen sea swell. The track disappears into the darkness, as our spotlight does not reach the end of this nocturnal route we have chosen. Alongside this track is a fence line, it seems to have a kinship with the fence, together in a parallel relationship, but never meeting. On the edge of the reach of my spotlight is a dimly lit, lone zebra. A weird trio of animal, fence and road.

Every night we choose this path, they are together, the zebra could leave and join another zeal or dazzle of zebra, but it chooses not to. For the past three years, a lone zebra, walking up and down the fence line that separates St. Lucia town and part of the Park within the main section of iSimangaliso. Up and down on a lone fence line and sand track. From time to time a herd of zebra visits this zebra, but they are separated by the 'Wall of Berlin' - the town fence line. Although the herd of zebra is blissfully happy in their own company, the lone zebra seems miserable on its own and not happy with other herds of zebra on its side of the fence. And this is the 'aah' factor.

If you are a social animal do not attempt to jump the fence or the cattle crossing. This particular zebra decided to jump the fence to get to the greener grass on the 'other side of the fence' possibly hoping 'his' herd would follow and appreciate his great gastric idea and adventurous spirit. Not so; it seems the rest of the herd turned back. This zebra 'turned into a field', the rest turned back and hence he waits to re-unite with his zeal or dazzle!

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

PS. This donkey in pajamas has the great animal 'aah' factor, second to a newly hatched flap neck chameleon.

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