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More than 60 something....

Greetings and Salutations

Recently I have had the same conversation about being over 60 something, with a number of guests. Guests have told me "that I had better save for my old age". Others have said "put a little away for that hearing aid or an operation or a knee replacement". There seems lots to save for when you are over sixty something. But this is not about age and that the longer we are around, the more you have to pay for medical procedures. "Old age apparently is not for sissies". No this "more than 60 something..." has nothing to do with this. Neither has it got to do with all the festive season holiday makers that were "bust" for exceeding the speed limit and were told that they were over sixty. Neither has this got anything to do with your heart rate when you see Miss World and your heart rate is something over 60. But I would put that more like something over 80. Nothing I tell you my good friends, nothing.

This "over sixty" has got a lot to do with Kosi Bay and turtles. Especially with our recent visit. No I was not speeding, some of the guests were over 80, but Miss World was not present, respectively and collectively. This had a lot to do with turtles and nesting. Kosi Bay is great and really an excellent opportunity to experience this 'miracle of nature' by creating zero green house gases and being 100% community based. Added to this a 100% success rate. This is really good way of getting to see turtles. In fact I would say the right way to do it. So turtles in Kosi means walking. Generally not too far as there are plenty of turtles here. The community supplies all the guides, but they like involvement as well. Finally we have a 100% guarantee of turtles. So where is the 'more than 60 something' come into the equation.

On our last trip there was a possibility that hatchlings would start emerging. These hatchlings would have been laid in late October, early November and as we have discussed all turtles are laid. So as I patrolled down the Kosi beach with the community guide, I looked out for hatchling and counted the number of tracks left by emerging turtles. After the usual four km walk I counted more than 60 nests. However it would be very wrong of me to end here and not qualify and quantify when these turtles had emerged to nest. The beach is like a giant diary and usually daily strong winds clean the beach of all the turtle tracks, however there had been no strong winds for the past three days. So collectively the tracks I counted were from more than sixty something turtles that had emerged over a period of three days to nest. So you can see why it is almost impossible not to see turtles in the Kosi bay area. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Wrydah on the Beach

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