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More Trees

Greetings and Salutations,

Each night is totally different and the great aspect of a night safari is you can vary the trip. Take a different road. Look at the stars and discuss nocturnal animal communication. Never boring and I suppose it is up to the guide as to how too achieve success. Other nights it is easy. No real effort is required because there are bus loads of animals. Like I say to guests "You cannot swing a cat without hitting an animal!" Enough to go around for everyone. Usually when this is the case there are no predators about, or they are full of antelope and really not interested in hunting.

The other night we had really seen busloads of animals. So a trip filled with satisfied guests. But I did not realise "the show was not over until the fat lady sings". The singing happened close to APU (antipoaching unit), close to the road we found one of the Daga Boys that lives in this area. Normally there is a group of three or four. Since this buffalo was really close to the road we never looked further. Moments later we heard rustling and not 15 meters away there was the rest of this group of buffalo. Well, things got a little censoured after about 5 minutes. Somehow it seemed as though these, or one buffalo in particular wanted to show off. He started off with demolishing a tree, this was to clean his horns. There are desmid beetles that can damage the keratin layer over buffalo horns so he progressively removed all the bark off a small tree, thereby rubbing tannins into his horn to create some form off protection. His manicure was not over by any means. Next he rubbed his back and eventually he perform a lewd act with a tree to get to ticks that had attached themselves to his nether regions. Is this had been the old South African this buffalo would have been taken into custody for performing a lewd act in the presence of minors.
But the real surprise came, when halfway through his pubic performance he looked-up. In front of him were more trees... One of the guests put words in the mouth of this Buffalo that was falling in love with a Trichelia emetica or natal mahogany and commented with the buffalo staring with amorous eyes at this clump of suitably sized trees and said: "Mmm... More trees!!" We all laughed, but this did not distract the buffalo. Seems like that Arbor day is everyday if you are a buffalo and you have a nest of ticks wedged into your nether regions.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Wrydah at night.

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