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Night drive have gone to the dogs!

Greetings and Salutations,


A week of leopard sightings has pleased and enthralled our Shakabarker nocturnal guests. A wicked week with loads of spotty cats out and about. It started with two leopard cubs in the February fire area. Thereafter the same male leopard was spotted (as all leopard are 'spotted'), in the same area three nights in a row. We later discovered this leopard had taken down a kudu. The evidence of it's kills was a smell of putrefying kudu, four days after this large male kudu killer disappeared. Our luck continued with a male leopard sizing up gnus on the vlei loop, then our kudu killer re-appeared in a similar area with another kudu kill. A great week.


Then it all went to the dogs, hyena and side striped jackal have reappeared. Hyena cleaned up the vestigial kudu remains. We now have a sweet smellin Park. Leopard can hunt in a hyena purified park.


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Basra la vista


The Knait Whrydah.

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