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Paid to wet my pants!

Greetings and salutations,

As kids, there were always series of weird initialed and not initialed names that one would use to illustrate a silly situation. When someone was absent it was a Mr G. Host; if someone was really funny they were referred to as Hugh Moore; lastly the person that wet his bed and wrote the book - Rusty bed springs (when beds had springs) author was I. P. Nightly. But this account has nothing to do with involuntary body function, rather a co-erced situation and eager night drivers. Night drivers being guests wanting to explore our World Heritage site - under conditions of 'hell or high water" in the dark.

In August last year we had rain that settled the dust of a prolonged dry period. August is our busiest month, loads of eager happy tourists drift in and out of our town, 'giggling' the wildlife and scenery. At any other time of the year if rain interrupts a nocturnal activity, we can reschedule, however in August, it tends to be a little hand over fist. Those that get a night drive will virtually brave any conditions to get out into the bush on a 'scheduled' night drive and if there is rain or whatever, pressure whatever and whoever to ensure the tour goes out.

In early August we headed out after dark on such a tour. The start was good. However, the wind and rain eventually found us. Collectively, wind and rain are a problem, either on its own is not a problem. If it rains without wind, there is little rain that enters the front of my vehicle with the front windows folded down; if the wind blows - we all get shooshed hair styles. In the case of wind and rain, I effectively become the windscreen! My OMC 352 straight six naturally aspirated Unimog has windows that fold down, so I get almost 360 degree spotlight view. When my windows are folded down in the wind and rain I get to be the windscreen, using my hand as my face's windscreen wiper. But this is not all...

After an hour or two in the rain, rainwater starts to trickle down the front of my jacket and onto the seat of my chair. Eventually no matter what you are wearing (and any rain suit is really designed to repel and allow water to run off and your body to breath through the fabric, but not to soak), you end up soaked! When you soak, you effectively get to wet your pants! I did, I do and I get paid to do it at night! Done it and will do it again.

Hasta la vista

The wet Knait Whrydah!

Posted by Kian


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