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People Say...

Greetings and salutations,
People say that hippo roam the streets of St. Lucia at night. This I have seen many a times. But when you tell people that there are hippo roaming the streets at night I think they say to each other that we are concocting some weird fantasy. People say that when the people have seen the hippo roaming the streets at night, those people say that we were right. So the people say listen to the residents. Some people say that it is not only hippo that roam the streets but, escaped horses, dogs and other people. 
In St. Lucia there are people that are responsible to check what happens to be roaming the streets of St. Lucia. A number of years ago there was a dog that belonged to a retired law professional. People say that this dog roamed the streets in the day and night. At the same time this dog roamed the streets in the day and night there was also a law enforcement officer doing the same. At least that what people said. And it was said by people that on several occasions the law enforcement officer encountered this particular dog that people had mentioned. 
It was heard to be said that the law enforcement officer finally managed to track down the owner of the truant dog, right to the door step of the retired law professional. It was said that only a few words were exchanged, where upon the law enforcement person departed, knowing that the dog was to remain free to roam the streets of St. Lucia. People said that the conversation was short. The nature conservation law enforcement officer asked the dog owner to "keep his dog on a leash so it did not roam the streets" that was said by people. People said: The retired law professional replied that the the law enforcement officer should then keep the hippo on leashes when they roamed the streets. That my friends, is what the people said. And it was at that point the law enforcement officer departed.
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