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Popping Frogs

Greetings and Salutations,

The rain started on the 23 December, plenty of it. One of those rain sessions that lasts a couple of days. Never heavy, just persistent. Persistent and fine, every inch of earth receives a million or two of rain drops. Blood warm, tropical rain that drifts straight down to Earth. Sometimes the rain process is so saturating that even the sand cannot absorb all the water, it wallows around on the surface for a while eventually mobilizing into little rivulets and slowly wandering downhill to a seep or a wetland. So gentle is the gradient in this reserve that there is never really a torrent of water. Just lazy sluggish water, gathering and meandering somewhere at no real pace.

This was the general situation a couple of night's ago. Steady rain, drifting in at every angle. Halfway through our tour, during the planned sundowners stop, the rain washed us out. We had our sundowners in the vehicle. Not really part of the plan, but necessity was the mother of this situation. After this situational break we headed off into a darkened landscape to see what was "out and about" after dark. Well an amazing phenomenon greeted us. Generally after several days of summer heat we get good rain, this was true. What was unusual were the number of frogs.

It seemed as the rain started falling, the frogs decided to head for all the swamps, pans and vleis. But the sheer numbers were remarkable. The road was like multicolored and shaped popcorn. Initially the hot weather seemed to have caused the frogs to hop across to any small or large forest to gain shelter from the heat. Forest are like air conditioners. The best place to be during a heatwave. But when the heat wave was broken by the rain, back to the water they hopped in huge numbers. Nature is very logical, but it is finding the logic, that takes a little observation and patience. We also have had a wet year so this may have accounted for the larger number of frogs than normal.

Well, I suppose any Frenchman on the trip would have been jumping with gastric excitement. Fortunately on this trip the frogs were safe and secure.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

Posted by Kian Barker

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