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Rhino Roadblock

Greetings and salutations,

Never is a night the same, the spell between the setting sun and the rise is always different. Some animals become masters of the night, while others are the servants of the darkness. Then there is the other group, they just do not care. There is the well recited saying "make my day". In this case these animals can say that at night or day. A little grammatical modification is required, but in general not much more.

Body language is big in the bush, many animals are finely tuned to what other members of the same species signal, or other species. However there are a couple of species that do not really care what goes on in or out of the Park. It is a case take it or leave it. Just another way of putting "make my day or night". In our particular case it was the first night drive after several days of rainy wet weather. Incessant rain, soaking and gentle, but we were glad for the break in the weather. There we were meandering along a darkened sandy path in the verdant landscape. The Land rover headlights were generous and bright and my spotlight was like a moth buzzing around a candle in search for game, frogs and chameleons.

The particular piece of road cut through a whole series of tertiary dunes, around one, over the next, left and right until "bam!" in the middle of the road was a roadblock. Five tons of it! When dissecting the facts around this particular incident it was apparent that the "road blockers" had the attitude of "whatever". We had the attitude of "you're welcome". And we waited. Because we realized that 1.6kgs of cranial power controlling five tons of brawn is not something you get "clever with". As much as white rhino are considered benign, it is better to let them do whatever they want. So we did! Eventually these rhino got off the road and lumbered away into the grassland, allowing us to rather gingerly slip past into the darkness.

The other treat of the evening were the stars. Several days of dust clearing rain produced a fantastic display of stars. Unfortunately not for long and after admiring the stars while clutching a cup of hot chocolate, the clouds closed the curtains on our celestial treat. A couple more kudu and bush pigs rummaging around the edges of newly formed lakes and we were back in slumbering St. Lucia.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

Posted by Kian Barker

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