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steaming Hippos

Greetings and Salutations,

Although St. Lucia Village has relatively few residents, a paltry 710 residents, for it's size it is certainly not a sleepy hollow. Day and night it is abuzz with environmental activities. Described as an outdoors activities village in a place of wonder. At 5am tours depart for various parts of iSimangaliso and other smaller Parks an hour away. In the evening night tours take place and some of these only return to St. Lucia in the wee hours of the morning. So if you plan to do everything in a few days, expect to get very little sleep.

Even the animals "work" day and night shifts. Others are crepuscular. But there is one mighty beast of the night, that gets everyone talking. A monster and blubbery one at that. Stalking our parks in the dark of the night, like giant grass vacuum cleaners. 130kgs of grass are vacuumed into their massive body. Silently slipping between trees, grassy parks and traffic to get to their urban salad bowls. You see their silhouettes in the faint street lamp light. Back and forth guzzling down grass.

In the morning wide eyed guests regale their silent and uncertain encounters with these midnight monsters, some quite uncertain of their encounter or was it the vodka? Certainly the hippo living in the estuary surrounding St. Lucia Village have a soft spot for our hamlet. Sneaking in at night to nibble the verdant greens and shuffling off into the lake in the early hours of the morning before the first vehicles depart for not too distant game reserves or early morning fishing. So this quiet hamlet never really sleeps, certain residents are up all night while others are diurnal.

Africa is alive 24/7.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah

Posted by Kian Barker


Re: steaming Hippos

Posted by Avinash Birambole, India, avi_bole@yahoo.com on

Hi Kian,
St Lucia is one of the lovely place I visited lately, and I would like to thank you for arranging a lovely tour on this Saturday we relished the Lunch served on our tour too. it was amazing experience.
Would like to let you know that that night we saw a Hippo in our neighborhood we were shocked and surprised. Over all we had a good time.
Next Time if I visit St. Lucia, would love to meet Antonnete and stay at Hornbill House.


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