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Surfs Up

Greetings and Salutations,

So last week you call your friends to tell them the surfs-up and they hide under their bed. "Eish" you think, "what have I done now?" Well, it is not so much what you have done, but what is going on with the weather! And like with the weird weather, it has become an unmistakable fact that more tourist over the past week were looking at our weather and effects, than our interesting cultures, wealth of game and good scenery. And in certain instances the weather has been so extreme that the St. Lucia hippo and crocodile boats remained in the safety of their moorings rather than take on the elements. Sensible I would say.

So "What happened?" Well there was first a little Cyclonic weather, (compliments of Cyclone Ndlala), that roughed up the Indian Ocean, then a very strong cold front arrived from the south pole and moved-up along our coast line. And the final player in this mega weather event was the Equinox tide. It was not a normal Equinox when the tides are  normally 10% higher than average. This particular event was a rare every 18 and a half years event. During this event the sun, moon and Earth are all lined-up, creating tides that are 10% higher tides. So if you throw all these events together, you get some impressive results.

The best way to describe this event, is to think of a bunch of kids playing in a little inflatable pool. When one kid splashes around, the pool water is rough and a little splashes over (a cyclone), then two kids splash around and the waves they make get bigger (cyclone and cold front) and there is a lot more water slopping about and over the sides of the pool. But when a third kid (18.6 year Equinox) takes a running jump and lands in the pool, there is water everywhere. It is impossible to control where the water goes. This is a little like the past  weeks weather events. The seawater in the Indian Ocean was splashed everywhere by these meteorological and planetary events, alot ended-up outside the areas that it normally is not present, like in houses, shops, streets and estuaries. Just like three kids playing in a swimming pool - the water ends up all over your garden!

So you can well imagine that the simultaneous combination of these three events is very rare.  So rare that most people that witnessed this event, will never get to see or witness this event ever again in their life time. Most that witnessed these events would certainly not want to experience these events again. "Hey, guys you can come out from under your bed, the surf has settled!" And yes, the average and not so average person, will be quite happy not to witness or experience that wild weather of the past week or so. And as the lives of the Zulu Safari Coast dwellers gets back to normal, and so will our tourism get back to normal, less part of our coastline washed out to sea.

Hasta la vista my friends

Posted by Kian Barker

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