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The dentists chair.

I have a great dentist. Actually I have a dentist with a great chair. The minute I sit on his dental chair I fall asleep while he and his assistant are prepping. This relaxed state brought me to the conclusion that I should get hold of a whole lot of dentist chairs for my lounge. I would decorate them in zebra patterns and bring alternative, pain free experiences on these chairs in my lounge. Seems like a visit to a second hand dentist chair website is in the offing. However this is not really the main theme of this diary byte. Nooooo! I would like to point out that I did escape from the dentist with a clean bill of teeth, but sadly with a bill of money to pay.

While chatting to my dentist prior to his probing, and during the oral inspection, he mentioned that the dental industry is in a bit of a financial recess, to put it mildly. Currently there is not much money available for people to invest in oral surgery. People are not investing in good dental work like implants any more, instead they are leaving gaps, rather than have a gap appear in their bank accounts. This is as a result of not having readily available funds, but also the average Joe Soap is cutting back on medical aid. Since my dentist has the gift of explanation, and is a personable professional man, I suggested he should skipper one of my tourist boats. As he is also an avid deepsea angler and therefore already has a skippers license, he would easily fit into the tourism profession. I also added that when the tour was finished, his guests would be able to speak properly and may want to come back to his surgery without any encouragement! We laughed and I walked out without my mouth anaesthetised, and being able to speak coherently.

Hast a la vista

The open mouth Knait Whrydah

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