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The Girl

Greetings and Salutations,

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece about "Getting wet with Kobus". The content was about a group of antelope that love water and not specifically about Kobus or as otherwise known -the waterbuck. Waterbuck occur in good numbers in iSimangaliso and they need the little girl. The little girl is the bearer of "fruitful" conditions for waterbuck, reedbuck and for that matter of fact any hydrophyllous invertebrate or vertebrate.  Currently the little girl is present and will be present until next year - 2012.

At least the weather people think so and if you dabble in weather forecasting you would have heard of el Niño - the little boy and la Nina the little girl. These are significant weather patterns that the weather forecasters seem to use at regular intervals. Currently the forecasters believe that the little girl is present and I can vouch for this. In fact as recently as a couple of nights ago. It all started well and I had a full vehicle, all adults, but the little girl found us just as we entered the Cape Vidal gate. She never left us alone, in fact even the waterbuck must have felt uncomfortable as it never stopped raining for the whole night. It was on of those night's that you wet your pants. There was just so much rain that it got in everywhere!

Swamped in rain that we may as well have been walking around in the Park. Relentless rain, non-stop and torrential. Crazy persistent heavy, persistent and light or just persistent. We soldiered on through the deluge. Although unable to stop for hot chocolate, we did complete a full tour and returned to a drenched town, 2kms from a drenched Park and all it's contents. I felt that even Kobus would have been happy get away from "the little girl" just for a little while.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah - high and dry indoors

Posted by Kian Barker


Re: The Girl

Posted by Heidi Malmgren, Sweden, smulanokeno@hotmail.com on

Hi Kian!

We would like to thank you so very much for the Leopard! It was magical.
And for all the interesting things you told us about ecology and the animals.
For the record, our group has had 431 birdspecies so far (since the 14th of November), Today we saw Livingstones Turaco, Green Barbet, Palmnut Vulture and Crested Eagle. Tomorrow we are heading for Drakensberg.

Heidi, Liselott and Göran

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