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The interruption of the...

Greetings and Salutations,

One of the interesting aspects of an extended tour is that you get to know your guests a little better than on a short two or three hour tour. Recently I had a very successful trip to the northern nether regions of iSimangaliso. Successful it was, as we were virtually swamped with turtles. Loads of them, big and small. Although I will get you all worked up about turtles and being on a sultry, tropical beach.

This short anecdote is about a strange topic, in fact one of the strangest topics and a starry peaceful moment on the beach. Turtle trips require a healthy amount of information, but once this is all out in the open, good conversation follows about related turtle issues. Although at one stage when I needed to mention some important facts about these remarkable beasts, one of the guests mentioned that on that moment it presented "an interruption to the transformation of Buddhism in the United States of America" what?..... At a later stage did I only realize what was on the go. All eight of my guests had been on a two week silent retreat. Two weeks of not talking. As you can imagine, their chatter was non-stop. And the range of topics, which included the expansive topic of revising Buddhism in America. The turtles intervened and the subject was put away til our return journey.

Although another interesting moment did arise. It was one of those moments that demonstrated their mental training and physical discipline. Halfway through our walking session we stop for a little peace of mind and to watch the stars, moon and gentle waves gently massaging the beach. It is a special moment and these American Buddhist knew exactly what to do, they perched on the beach and quietly stared to the east. In the half darkness they sat like cheetah, absorbing their surrounds in harmony with nature. A supreme peace and peaceful moment allowing their souls to soak-up an unfettered harmonious place.

Shortly we were back in the turtle action, looking at hatchling and tracks of the adults!

Hasta la vista

The Knait Wrhydah on the beach.

Posted by Kian Barker


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Re: The interruption of the...

Posted by Tracy Vosloo, East London, South Africa, tavcpv@gmail.com on

Hello Kian...We will be visiting Isimangaliso at the end of July having never been further north than Durban (a long time ago). I thought turtle activity was later in the year, are we likely to see any? Would really appreciate some feedback, there is so much to see in the area and lots of homework to do!
Thanks! Tracy

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