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The permanent shopping spree!

Greetings and Salutations,
If you ever suffer from a potentially incurable case of shopaholicalism - my advice is to buy a BnB! Just add it to your list when you feel that you want to squander quantities of nebulous cash. Just do it without much thought. In a couple of months, I assure you, you will be cured of being a shopaholic. Maybe it takes a shopaholic to own a BnB: who knows? Whichever way, it is an interesting way to deal with the need to blow mullah, dosh, cash, capital, loot, bread, dough, readies, shekels, lolly, brass or spondulicks. But strangely, you get very little chance to consume, eat or sleep on or utilize what you have purchased. There is a lot of buying, but at the end of the day it goes to others. However, these others do fill your purse with more of the stuff that crackles when it crinkles. After a Christmas of buying for BnB guests, you should be cured of this shopping obsession.
I decided after a couple of years of incessant retail therapy that there must be an alternative. It must be a simple alternative, because the shopping process involves hundreds of different items that need to be amalgamated onto a list in the right quantities. The list must then be organised into a structure that takes the least amount of time to acquire, due to a well-designed route through your local town to get everything you have listed, with the least amount of effort. I know this is not economical shopping, because this list should co-incide with all the special offers and should avoid bargain bins and products that are going out of stock, unless these items are of the hardware nature, and not necessarily perishable. This takes planning.  Sometimes it is possible to reach your shopping threshold and a little switch in your head "pops." You therefor gather your troops and retreat back to your BnB, laden with every imaginable and unimaginable bag and box brimming with goods, and the thought going around your head saying "Enough of shopping; I'll add that to the next list!!"
I have considered this situation and scenario for a number of years. "What if?" seems to be the only solution. Realistically, other options are too complex for the shopaholic - there would be a conflict of interest. How would this whole plan work? Rather easy. Just walk up to your nearest fridge or cupboard that needs stocking. Open the door. Peer inside and take note of all the  items that need to be purchased. Close the door, then close your eyes for ten seconds and open the doors again and lo! and behold!: everything is stocked to the right capacity. Even better, all the goods that you need are stocked from what were all the special offers at the store. Very easy.  I just have to find that magician... or still go shopping.
Hasta la vista
The Knait Wrydah in the kitchen
PS. I need to include shopping for tours as well.
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