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Then it is a set up!

Strange things happen in the dark. Some are strange, some are weird and some - it is not possible to see half of what is happening, so there is supposition. Then there are the curve balls. In this instance, a perfectly well explained situation, was explained and I was bowled a curve ball. Although at the end of it, it seemed as though the FBI may have half raised the suspicion on this one.

Picture a giant hippo skull, bleached white by the African sun. The location, out on the edge of a verdant grassland, the final resting place of an aged hippo, that had her lights snuffed out in an ill-fated matriarch dispute. Now visualize a double vehicle track, that passes through the grassland to the last resting place of momma hippo. Daily and nightly we traverse this road to explain the sad demise of a once fierce herbivore, that fended off crocs and bull sharks from her bloat of fellow hippos.

During our short forensic zoological stop, hippo skeletal and dental attributes are discussed. However, to illustrate the dental make up of hippo, we propped the femur bone into the jaw of this hippo, to make the whole story process more visual. So this bleached hippo skull has its mouth open with all the 'ivory' clearly visible. On a recent hippo skull stop and discussing hippo dentition, an American voice from behind me asked,”Is this a set up?” Well I then explained how we propped open the jaw, but the actual final resting of this hippo was as it happened. The response, “Then it is a set-up!” I was flummoxed by this comment and wondered how much of Disneyland was a set-up! FBI agent?

And on we went into the African darkness, stars above were bright, the land was dark and I had no idea about the actual 'set-up' and what the desire was to elucidate this 'set-up'! Right till the end I was in the dark. Figuratively and literally. Just dark and I wondered?...

Hasta la vista

The Knait Whrydah.

Ps. Huh?

Posted by Kian Barker


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