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There is a hyena on my road...

Greetings and salutations,

Currently we are gripped with the issues of electronic tolling or e-tolling. It is a massive issue with thousands of disgruntled motorist putting the gruntle back into disgruntled. There seems to be no end to this issue and the battle lines have become well defined as there are few grey areas. Me thinks it will take a while before the fat lady sings. In fact people say she is still slim and has not chosen her song to sing either. A matter of wait and see what transpires from our court rooms and how the media deals with this issue. There is slot to come.

Locally it appears as though our local population of hyena have decided to get in on this act. Recently we had regular hyena sightings on one particular stretch of the Cape Vidal road. A couple of young pups were involved and then we discovered why. Why, they were in the same spot every night. Well these ingenious carnivores of the night had set up a den under the road. Now with all this etolling on the go, I was just wondering if hyena could be more divisive than we realise.

Currently, with the position of their den, it is in the perfect position to stick out their heads and take a nip out of the tyres of anyone or everyone. A type of toll. Fortunately there are not too many in the Park. Natures way of keeping a natural balance. But if the converse was applied, visitors might leave this Park with very knobbly tyres, not unlike those of the average 4x4.

Good driving and if you have a desire to admire the stars or a hyena or two, give us a call.

Hasta la vista,

The Knait Wrhydah

Posted by Kian Barker


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