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Too soon for a Teddy Bear

Greetings and Salutations

Normally Teddy Bears appear moments before the onset of sleep, that is in a regular bedroom in suburbia. In this particular incidence no one was anywhere ready for sleep and a teddy bear appeared. At this moment my teddy bear perceptions were changed. So in my case there are two occasions when a Teddy Bear might make an appearance. The second occassion was for sentimental reasons. But the catalyst that got this particular Teddy Bear into the spotlight was a chameleon. The one being inanimate and the other animate and it was a sentimental moment that got the inanimate object gain the spotlight over and above the glamour of a chameleon in the silent darkness of the African bush.

This particular moment was greeted with great enthusiasm by all the guests on this night Safari. After a short distance into the Park, we had seen a few bush buck and kudu, I found a moderately large flap-neck chameleon. So after my usual demonstrations to the guests, a back-packer said "Wait!". Moments later, he fished out from the depth of his back a small light blue Teddy bear! Strangely everyone seemed to understand that if you did not have a gnome, then a teddy bear was just as good. Something of sentimental value. He immediately explained that he had a loved one at home, and the Teddy was his way of sending a message home. Although at this moment it seemed that his actions did not require any explanation.  A sense of I wish you where here. But since you are not, I am showing the World that I wish you were here".

Strangely enough no one seemed to ask the chameleon what it thought about having a teddy bear three times it's size shoved into it's face. Then followed by a whole series of flash photos. No longer the chameleon Papparazzi, this time it was the Teddy bear Papparazzi! I can just imagine that the chameleon got a little annoyed being 'woken' by a teddy bear that it had said 'good night' to over four hours ago. Well the chameleon paparazzi did a fine job and flashed Teddy and chameleon to their hearts content. At this point I was uncertain which was more popular, the Chameleon or the Teddy. But I was certain that when the chameleon went back to his bush to sleepout the rest of the night in peace and quiet he was most relieved.

Hasta la vista

The Knait Wrydah

Posted by Kian Barker

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