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Two Lemons Please!

Greetings and Salutations,
Sometimes there are stories that you can never verify whether they are authentic and first hand or they are so good that the teller has decided to take the story and use it for themselves. In the last case it would be for their own personal gain. In most cases a good story is a great social asset and if you can model it is a certain way you earn a couple of good laughs out of your friends and you friends turn to you with a face erupting with laughter and say "I have such a bad memory, I can't remember any good stories!" In my opinion they should be saying that they have nothing better to offer of the same caliber.
But you can modify this one so that it is your first hand account. Having driven a number of trips to Hluhluwe Game reserve, one of the piece de resistance is a stop at Hilltop for an afternoon beverage break. Hilltop attracts a number of patrons from all the corners of the earth. On this particular day there were two Germans practicing there English. In their earnest attempt to order drinks from the bar, simply due to the enormous times they practiced their order I discovered what they were about to order. "Gin and lemon". Eventually after repeated attempts one of the walks across to the bar and orders from the Zulu two Gins and lemon. The barman diligently sets about preparing their order and after measuring out the gin he turns to the German and says: "Dry Lemon?" The German is a little taken aback and says: "No, no Zwei Lemon!"
Just makes you realise that tourism is never as easy as you might think. Sometimes a little patience is required and in other instance quite a bit. In this instance, both parties most probably never saw any of the humour, but it certainly brightened the rest of my afternoon, although a bad day in the Park is worth more than two good days in the office.
Hasta la vista
The Knait Wrydah in the day.
Posted by Kian Barker

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