So there we were watching a large buffalo chewing grass. But I need to correct myself and say a large buffalo chewing its cud. And there is not much more to this scene. Well, maybe a little more buffalo standing, then buffalo lying down and chewing. And that was about it. Then we moved off to see a couple of interesting insects. Insect that do strange things together. This was followed by a couple of chameleons. And yes this is the month that female chameleons lay their eggs. So we were fortunate to see a very gravid female, thereafter a praying mantis laying eggs. And so we went.

After a couple of kudu, not much and after linking up with one of the new loop roads amongst the trees in the spot light there was a leopard. Lately these majestic creatures have been a little thin on the ground. But this was the third leopard this week. And a very relaxed leopard. Then a short distance behind the leopard there was a strange reflection in the moon light. And Gareth, a guest flipped on his spotlight to illuminate a couple of hippo. Then will chatting to David another guest, I said rather gleefully, "What is better than a leopard?" and he beat me to the punch line and said "two leopard!" Well I was not in a position to contradict him. And less than five minutes later a second leopard pops or of the bush. A little further away than the first and a slightly younger one. Then it disappears and three hippo appear. Things go quiet and we continue to watch the first leopard.

Then we heard a noise and this was time for a coffee break. And when we headed off it was not long before we bumped into a hyena. So our coffee was a little delayed, but for a very good reason. After the coffee. Not everyone had coffee, in fact four people had hot chocolate, we headed back to see what was happening with the leopard as the hyena had headed in the same direction. Well soon we were back will the leopard, happily stalking through tall grass.