Quickie: In war there are no winners. In love there are no losers, just lots of tadpoles. Spring is in the Stars. Scorpio the constellation is moving to the west. The nights are get warmer and you will be singing louder. You neighbour the toad is in love, you are in love. Eat those pesky mosquitoes, boost your energy and watch out for that toothy serpentine friend. He is brown and slithery. Aim for the sky and leap with all your sense of freedom and passion, when your serpentine friend is about.
Goodie:Those who seek security tend to lean to the right, while those that are more adventurous lean to the left. This might be true, but remember when the NE blows and you are looking east, you will be leaning to the right on your reed. South winds will make you lean to the left when you are looking west.
Unplugged:It is a 'frog eat insect' World out there, keep your aim straight. Watch out for strong cross winds.